Cellular and Pleated Shades

CrystalPleat® shades provide excellent
energy-efficient and acoustical properties
The unique cell construction delivers superior
pleat retention and light control. Cords and
cord holes are hidden, providing greater
privacy than conventional shades. All
CrystalPleat® fabrics are ultra soft and backed
with a neutral color for a consistent street-side

Graber® pleated shades are available in a
wide range of fabric styles and colors, ranging
from sheer to room darkening. The patented
EvenPleat® technology, with black ladder
suppoert, keepts every pleat crisp and
uniformly spaced from top to bottom. The
Brighton fabric meets NFPA 701 large-scale test.

Graber CrystalPleat-3/8″ Double Cell Cellular Shades
Graber CrystalPleat-3/8″ Single Cell Cellular Shades
Graber CrystalPleat-3/4″ Single Cell Cellular Shades
Graber FashionPleat® Pleated Shades